Do you wish to have a better customer service and table management ? in your restaurant?

WHY Menumiz

Menumiz is a restaurant management app and EPOS system that harnesses the power of mobile to speed up restaurant services, from digital menu, taking self-service orders, sending kitchen instructions to accepting payments and more. This helps restaurants to operate at an optimal level, deliver quality service to their diners, and get paid effortlessly.

Menumiz provides you the following:

  • Online menu maker
  • Digital menu ( Try Now )
  • Smartphone/iPad EPOS
  • Self-service order
  • Table-side order
  • Dedicated restaurant / café page
  • Mobile app (For Customers & The Staff)
  • Supporting Takeaway
  • Supporting Dutch bills
  • Pay By App service
  • PCI Compliance
  • Order management
  • Payment and billing management
  • Kitchen management
  • Floor management
  • Multi Floor
  • Smart Inventory management
  • Customer service
  • Accounting
  • Loyalty program and discount coupons
  • Rating and social interactions
  • Online booking ( coming soon )
  • Multi outlet ( coming soon )
  • Order on the go ( coming soon )

* not available in some regions yet

Try a Digital Menu

  • Please install Menumiz app on your mobile ( Android & iPhone ).
  • Register an account with Menumiz as a user.
  • Scan the QR code using Menumiz app scanner and enter a dummy digital menu.

Note: You will need two devices, one to display the QR and another one to scan. (You may visit the website by a desktop computer)

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Pay by app using

Download Our App

App available for Android and iPhone.

Download our App from Apple Store or Google Play.

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Who we are?

Menumiz is a fully integrated platform owned by Universal Apps Pty Ltd, an Australian start up company and was launched in Jan 2019.

The system is using advanced technology and includes different modules to handle all services needed to run a restaurant or bar such as digital menu, order management, floor management, kitchen management, customer service, inventory management and payment management all on cloud.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for their customers available in iOS and Android.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for the restaurants and their customers available in iOS and Android.

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What We Do?

Universal Apps is an expert web based platform and app developer. We have been working on exciting projects which will change the game.

Universal Apps actually builds self-customizing applications for businesses and the most recent product is Menumiz. Menumiz is an application for restaurants to have their own digital menu and manage their kitchen , tables, orders and paymanets in an integrated platform on cloud.

Other application being under early stage of development is EmployKey which is a job seeking application.

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  • Address: 54 -111 Eagle St. Brisbane, 4000 QLD Australiaa
  • Phone: +61-452 549 137
  • Email:
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