Powered by OpenAI, the first real AI service in the world used in food service businesses to take orders by chat and voice in any language!

e-Waiter™ gather all information required for a realistic communication between your customers and the AI.

e-Waiter™ Features

Multi Language

The e-Waiter™ service supports almost any language, allowing customers to explore the menu and place orders in their preferred language.

Fully interactive

Enabling customers to not only order food via chat or voice command but also learn about the menu and even discover information about the facilities in the restaurant or cafe.

Time Saver

This service saves time and increases table turnover, enhancing overall efficiency.


Supports an unlimited number of concurrent customers, providing a personalized experience akin to having a dedicated waitstaff for each individual customer.


In future, e-Waiter™ will handle marketing for the restaurant by suggesting specific offers to customers.

Cost-Effective Efficiency

With e-Waiter™, customers can place orders directly, eliminating the need for extra waitstaff and reducing labor costs while maintaining excellent service.