menumiz ™ has developed a technology as a standard for digital food menus known as QOMAC™, short for “Quick Online Menu Access on Cloud”. There are many terms and ideas on how to design a digital menu for a restaurant in the market, but developers mostly rely on an existing E-commerce shopping website as a template to start with and change it to a restaurant menu. The result is a UI/UX design which originally has been developed to sell a pair of shoes, rather food!

A restaurant menu on paper looks simple, but to make it digital, is a real challenge. Each restaurant or café has its own concept; there is not a standard way of doing it, there is not even a universal design for a food menu. Hence, we in Menumiz, had to spend months to analyse and develop our digital menu. We finally reached a unique digital concept which is exclusively designed for food menu both in frontend and backend under QOMAC™.

QOMAC™ is a standard technology developed by menumiz™ exclusively for food menus digitalization and follows a proven logic and universal UI/UX designs which could accommodate all restaurant food menu concepts; from a food truck simple menu to a fine dining restaurant multi-level menu.

QOMAC™ is a registered trademark exclusively developed by menumiz™ for menumiz™ system users. If you wish to implement QOMAC™ in your digital menu design , please contact us at licence (at) menumiz.com.

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