Do you wish to have a better customer service and table management ? in your restaurant?


Your guest needs to download the Menumiz app from the Apple Store or the Google Play. Then he or she needs to sign up for an account with Menumiz which takes about 30 secs by filling up three fields providing a name, an email and a mobile number. (No password is required).

The mobile number is the only data we will verify by sending a PIN quickly to device. Email address shall not be verified as it is used only for sending the receipt of payment or marketing purpose only.

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The guest should start the order by opening the Menumiz app and scanning a QR code which is displayed on the table ( or other locations e.g. for takeaway orders ).

Upon scanning the QR code, the guest needs to key in the number of guests at the table, also subject to the restaurant configuration, it might be needed to key in the table number (which should be displayed on the table already), then the app enters the restaurant hub page which displays information about the restaurant and also available main menus (Lunch, Dinner, Drink, Kids…).

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Each main menu, may have a few submenus, where the guest can choose desired foods or drinks from, by navigating through an Instagram-like environment including photos and videos of the dishes! By selecting the desired meal and choosing the available options for it, from the order basket , he or she can submit the order.

Remember, that yet after submitting the order, guest can add new orders unless payment has been done whereas any new add-ons will be considered a new order.

By the way, other guests at the same table, can use their own devices to order , however, billing is under the first person who has scanned the QR code and he or she is considered a host. ( there is an option for the host to hide the bill from others ).

(Remember if this is a PAO restaurant (Pay As Ordered), the guest needs to make payment first, otherwise no food will be delivered as the order is considered a pending order in the system.)

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Enjoy! This is unique experience to eat a meal which you could see its photos or videos before ordering, know its history and ingredients, its calories and read reviews about that very exact food in that particular restaurant commented by previous customers.

Menumiz displays a timer while you are waiting for your food to let you know the estimate time of the serving. You may also rate and comment the food and the restaurant.

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Payment section in the Menumiz is the easiest ever possible. The guests have options to either pay directly by stored credit cards from the app or choose to pay at the cashier as in a conventional method. However, pay by app is subjected to the restaurant policy to accept such payments.

In case of pay at the cashier, the guest needs to show a Barcode or QR code displayed in the app to the cashier to retrieve the bill. Nevertheless, cashier is still able to look up the bill by table number if necessary.

Sign Up

You or your manager need to register an account with Menumiz as an admin user by providing all the necessary information related to your restaurant or bar. If the “Pay By App” is selected, the business must have a valid E-commerce merchant account already with a bank or service provider. Our team can help you obtain one easily.

To activate restaurant's account, SMS and Email verification is needed.

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Upon registration, admin user would need to subscribe to one of the plans offered as desired. There are basically Three plans for the subscription.

  1. Flat rate monthly plan
  2. Pay as you go, Commission based plan
  3. Combo (Flat rate plus a commission)
(Prices vary in each country)

There might be a setup fee and a deposit as well, should you wish to use Pay by App subject to your country and market.

Menumiz currently is not binding long-term contracts and is monthly basis service. You may terminate at any time ( Terms and conditions apply on settlement of current bills )

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Configure Account

Business general information such as address and contacts, facilities and social networking info are gathered here. Then admin needs to configure the table layout visually, set up kitchen sections and finally create at least one main active menu and its submenus by uploading photos, videos and entering texts and related information for each dish such as price , types, options….(There is a dummy menu as default template to be edited by the admin to ease this process)

Admin also can create other users with different level of access such as managers and supervisors, accountants, cashiers , customer support and chefs.

Admin or a manager are able to amend or update menus and also generate QR codes for tables. This QR codes must be printed and displayed on the tables.

Please remember, there are many options and modules available in the system that you may need to adjust values based on your needs (e.g. GST or TAX rate , Service charges percentage , Accounting ledger codes …).

You also need to set up printers if you are not going completely paperless in your billing. This printer is configured on cloud (Google cloud printing ) and you may need to have a Gmail and Google account for this purpose.

Should the restaurant accept the “ Pay By App “ payment option, then admin needs to set up an E-commerce merchant account and provide the merchant ID to our system. Menumiz will automatically integrate and process the payment in the most secure method under PCI DSS compliance. Popular credit and debit cards are supported. (This service may not be available in some countries yet)

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When you finished setting up your account with Menumiz and configured your restaurant, bar and connected your PCs or Tablets to internet in the restaurant, then you are a fully digital restaurant! Once a customer scans QR code displayed on the table , the restaurant hub ( page ) will be quickly downloaded and an online active menu will be displayed in Menumiz app.

Customers are able then to choose, order and make payment without any human interference unless your guests prefer to call for a physical menu. In this case, the waiter or waitress may use a tablet to get orders verbally from the guests and enter them in the system. Upon submitting the order, kitchen and customer service (if available in restaurants) will be informed of new orders automatically and the order details will be displayed on monitors immediately for them.

If the kitchen is overloaded by multiple orders , then “ Overload Warning “ will be triggered and new orders will be hold.

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How it works (Restaurant)

Download Our App

App available for Android and iPhone.

Download our App from Apple Store or Google Play.

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Who we are?

Menumiz is a fully integrated platform owned by Universal Apps Pty Ltd, an Australian start up company and was launched in Jan 2019.

The system is using advanced technology and includes different modules to handle all services needed to run a restaurant or bar such as digital menu, order management, floor management, kitchen management, customer service, inventory management and payment management all on cloud.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for their customers available in iOS and Android.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for the restaurants and their customers available in iOS and Android.

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What We Do?

Universal Apps is an expert web based platform and app developer. We have been working on exciting projects which will change the game.

Universal Apps actually builds self-customizing applications for businesses and the most recent product is Menumiz. Menumiz is an application for restaurants to have their own digital menu and manage their kitchen , tables, orders and paymanets in an integrated platform on cloud.

Other application being under early stage of development is EmployKey which is a job seeking application.

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  • Address: 54 -111 Eagle St. Brisbane, 4000 QLD Australiaa
  • Phone: +61-452 549 137
  • Email:
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