Menumiz is a PaaS (Platform as a service) consisting of fully integrated EPOS and an end to end restaurant management system on cloud and a mobile app for the customers of the restaurants and bars to order and make payment while in a restaurant.

Any business that legally provides eatery services to the public may use the system.

You have to register online at www.menumiz.com.

We would verify the mobile number and email address. However, we may ask for company documents or business license in some cases.

There are three types of plans available, 1: flat monthly rate 2: commission based plan 3: combo plan. In the first method, you just subscribe and pay monthly fixed fee regardless of your sales (e.g. AUD99) In the second method, you pay as you go by paying a percentage of your gross sale processed through the system as commission which includes transaction gateway charges also, and is billed to you monthly or fortnightly (e.g. 1.9%). In the third method, you will pay both a flat rate plus a commission

You have to use a credit card and pay online. We accept Mastercard or Visa only.

Yes, you may try the system with some plans for 30 days. However, Menumiz offers a full access Free plan which is suitable for small businesses having less than 10 tables.

Yes, there might be a set up fee subject to the plan you choose. Depending on your country as well as our marketing plans, it might be waived.

Yes, Menumiz has a wonderful smart inventory management module.

Yes, you can adjust a trigger based on a minimum unit (weight or quantity) to send an auto purchase order to a supplier in the inventory module.

Menumiz generates comprehensive reports on accounting, inventory and sales.

A restaurant ID is a unique numeric ID assigned to your restaurant upon registering an account with Menumiz.

You can ask it from your admin. If you are the admin, please remember that this ID has been sent to the you by email upon registering with Menumiz for the first time. You may search your emails or contact our support for assistance.

You need to have restaurant ID, user name and password in order to log in to your account. However, for some users a QR code based login is available.

This is up to your Admin to generate and provide you with a QR code to login. Once you have the QR code (usually are printed on a plastic card), you simply scan it using the scanner connected to the computer and log in

Admin is a super user who has full control over the account. Usually the admin is the person who has registered the account with Menumiz for the first time.

Yes, most of the users in a restaurant can use the mobile app to log in to their restaurant system

Simply choose “ log in as restaurant “ from the login tab.

Currently Menumiz is supported in iOS and Android

Your customers may pay as conventional methods of payments at the cashier (card or cash, subject to restaurant policy) or pay by app (subject to your plan)

PAO means Pay As Ordered and means, the customer has to make payment upon order for the food and once the full payment was made, restaurant would serve the food.

PAS means Pay As Served and means the customer orders and would pay any time after the order (usually when the food was served, before leaving).

Yes. You can manage each or either under table configuration in general settings.

Not yet. This service will be available in next phase. Currently each branch needs an individual account.

This is your responsibility to distinguish genuine orders from fake orders. You can update the QR code if you believe someone is making fun with orders. (It cannot happen in PAO method, as it cannot go through unless the payment is made).

Yes. This is possible to have more than one device having different Menumiz accounts sharing a table and have concurrent orders. However, the first device used to scan the QR code, is considered the host and the others are considered the guests.

Yes, the host device has this option to hide the bill from the guests.

Yes, the system supports Dutch treat as an option. The customer can choose the “Going Dutch” upon scanning the QR code. In this case, a table is shared for a few devices and each order has its own separate bill. Please remember that each customer may opt for a different method of payment (some may pay via the app, some may pay cash or by card at the cashier). This is up to you to make sure everyone has paid for the bill in case this is PAS.

You can activate/deactivate this option under configuration/general settings/payment configurations.

After you set up your account with Menumiz, you need to activate this option by providing a valid E-commerce merchant account ID to Menumiz system. The service does not include merchant account and we provide payment-processing service only.

You have to apply for such from our panel of banks or payment service providers only. We can accept e-merchant from most of the major banks in Australia and New Zealand. In Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, you need to contact First Data (www.firstdata.com) and obtain an e-merchant from them exclusively. For the rest of the world, please click here.

It depends on the plan you choose, in some cases we cover the processing fees and in some plans you have to pay.

This is subject to your subscription plan. The cheaper the plan, the higher the processing rate.

All costs involved in having and using a merchant account, including setup fees, monthly charges and transaction charges should be borne by you.

This service is not available in your country yet or your plan does not include this service.

This service is not available in your country yet or your plan does not include this service.


Since the merchant account is yours and you directly receive the payment, hence you should undertake the full responsibilities on chargeback if any. We handle only the processing of the payment for you.

Yes, there is limit in making payment via Menumiz app based on country. For Australia the limit currently is maximum AUD 500 a day.

For payment limit in other countries please click here.

If you wish to accept card payment at the counter, should your customer does not use Menumiz app, then you need a traditional method of payment including cash or card, hence you will need an EFTPOS terminal to process physical card transactions.

Yes, Menumiz tracks and covers all cash, card or “ Pay by App “ entries in the system, unless, your cashier doesn't use the system to process the payments. However, most likely the payments received by EFTPOS will go to another merchant account rather than your e-merchant account.

Yes, customers will receive a bill and receipt of the payment by email, regardless of the method of payment.

Customer can pay at the cashier just by choosing “pay at cashier “once making the payment in app. In this case, a QR code will be displayed on his/her phone which cashier needs to scan and retrieve the bill.

The customer can see the QR code again by going to dashboard /order history. The latest order is on top. However, the cashier at the restaurant is able to look up your bill just by asking the table number or customer name. This QR code is just an extra to avoid mistakes in a busy restaurant.

No, This is your responsibility to avoid customers escape payment. We cannot assist you to chase your unsettled bills.

Menumiz supports food, beverage and tobacco as long as these are served and offered in a restaurant or bar or similar dining facility to the guests and customers and also, are legally allowed as per the local law.

The system relies on customer’s declaration about their legal drinking age, which might not be real age. This is up to your discretion to assess the customer and ask for any ID as proof of age

Yes, this is up to you to offer this service which in the case, there will be a Takeaway QR code displayed for Takeaway orders in the restaurant. By default, Takeaway is table 0 and PAO.

Technically, yes and doable, but currently this service is on hold

Yes, once kitchen is done with an order and makes it completed, a notification will be sent to the customer’s phone automatically

Yes, customers are able to review, add comments and rate the restaurant, the menu or a particular dish. They have to be an existing customer to a restaurant in order to comment and rate it or its food, meaning they need to have at least one order by Menumiz at a particular restaurant.

Yes, admin can manage discount coupons under billing management.

Technically very possible, but currently this option is not available.

Yes, you can change your mobile number in your profile.

As a user you should contact the admin to reset your password. As an admin, you need to contact our customer support to reset your password.

You need tablets available in restaurants for customers who may not have an account in Menumiz or they are not Android or iPhone users. Also, a waiter or waitress can get orders verbally from a customer ordering from physical menu and key in into the system on a phone or tablet. It means you need to keep a few physical menus handy in case.

Yes, but you have to settle outstanding bills before terminating.

No, since a business account involves all customers’ orders and payments histories, we cannot simply delete your account and wipe all tracks as it is linked to third party data.

Your account might be suspended. Please contact our customer service

There might be an unsettled invoice which you have forgotten to pay to us, your credit card might have declined or you may have breached the terms and conditions of the service

You may access your account and all records during this time, but customers cannot send orders to you and technically your restaurant cannot use the system. Should you not solve the problem, your account will be terminated automatically after some time.

Most of our packages are postpaid and there is even a free trial period before billing starts, hence we do not refund for the services you have used before. In case that you have paid quarterly in a flat rate package, but choose to terminate within the first quarter, we may refund you for the months you have not used the service.

It may look “too good to be true”, Free full access to a wonderful EPOS having limits of maximum 10 tables and 7 concurrent scans only! The fact here is that we would like to support small size restaurants and coffee shops to encourage people download our app and that’s why we give it for free.

Download Our App

App available for Android and iPhone.

Download our App from Apple Store or Google Play.

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Who we are?

Menumiz is a fully integrated platform owned by Universal Apps Pty Ltd, an Australian start up company and was launched in Jan 2019.

The system is using advanced technology and includes different modules to handle all services needed to run a restaurant or bar such as digital menu, order management, floor management, kitchen management, customer service, inventory management and payment management all on cloud.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for their customers available in iOS and Android.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for the restaurants and their customers available in iOS and Android.

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What We Do?

Universal Apps is an expert web based platform and app developer. We have been working on exciting projects which will change the game.

Universal Apps actually builds self-customizing applications for businesses and the most recent product is Menumiz. Menumiz is an application for restaurants to have their own digital menu and manage their kitchen , tables, orders and paymanets in an integrated platform on cloud.

Other application being under early stage of development is EmployKey which is a job seeking application.

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  • Address: 54 -111 Eagle St. Brisbane, 4000 QLD Australiaa
  • Phone: +61-452 549 137
  • Email: info@universalapps.com.au
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