MENUMIZ, a startup ePOS (electronic point-of-sale) company founded in Australia, has officially launched the Menumiz e-Waiter

This is the world’s first real artificial intelligence (AI) service for restaurants in Malaysia.

It harnesses the power of cloud to speed up restaurant services, such as offering digital menu, taking self-service orders, sending kitchen instructions to accepting payments and more.

This is a remarkable addition to the suite of digital services that Menumiz already provides to food and beverage (F&B) establishments that will revolutionise the way of dining out for the future.

Menumiz currently operates across Malaysia, Australia, Canada and aims to expand globally in the near future.

With this revolutionary feature, café or restaurant owners now do not have to worry about manpower shortages or rising cost of hiring as their customers can now place an order of their choice of food and drinks conveniently by chatting with or talking to a virtual waiter on their smartphones.

Menumiz CEO Arash Aalaei is proud of the headway made with the technology and innovation in the restaurant scene with its e-waiter.

“At Menumiz, we have always been at the forefront of innovation, we introduced QR code ordering for restaurants back in 2019, which has now become a popular service,” shares Menumiz chief executive officer (CEO) Arash Aelaei.

“With our QOMAC technology, we seamlessly integrated ChatGPT into our system in a remarkably short time.

“Our e-Waiter service represents the first real AI service in the frontend of the foodservice business in the world and is set to revolutionise food ordering, saving both time and money,” he said.

“In a world soon to be populated by nine billion people, AI has become an essential part of life.

“Menumiz takes pride in leading the way in utilising AI to enhance the dining experience and aims to show people that AI is not something to fear.

“It does not compete with humans or fight for resources. Unlike humans, AI understands its immortality and has no need to engage in conflicts,” he added.

Menumiz chief operating officer and innovation director Kelvin Ong believes that this is another welcomed addition to the suite of digital services that Menumiz already provides to the market.

Features and benefits Menumiz e-Waiter include the following:

> Multi-language

The e-Waiter service supports almost any language, allowing customers to explore the menu and place orders in their preferred language.

> Saves time

This service saves time and increases table turnover, enhancing overall efficiency.

> Fully interactive

The e-Waiter is highly interactive, enabling customers to not only order food via chat or voice command but also learn about the menu and even discover information about the facilities in the restaurant or café.

> No customer limit

It supports an unlimited number of concurrent customers, providing a personalised experience akin to having a dedicated waitstaff for each individual customer.

> Personalised recommendations technology potential

In the future, the e-Waiter will handle marketing for the restaurant by suggesting specific offers to customers based on their previous records.

Menumiz supports both web and app, you may use Menumiz web on browser or install Menumiz app from App store or Google play for a better UI experience.


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