Menumiz is a mobile app bringing digital menus to guests in restaurants and bars. You are able to browse the restaurant menus, order, pay and also rate dishes or the restaurants by Menumiz.

Yes. Menumiz is totally free for guests. (Restaurants and bars will pay for the service)

Simply download the app and sign up using an email and a mobile number.

Open the app, choose a login (if it displays “log in as restaurant”, then switch to “log in as individual”), enter your mobile number, key in the pin code sent by SMS to your registered mobile number and log in.

Currently Menumiz is supported in iOS and Android.

We only verify the mobile number by sending a pin code via SMS upon registration or every login.

Simply open the app, tap the camera icon and scan the QR code displayed on your table. It will bring you the current menu(s) of the restaurant/bar and comprehensive information about the place you are visiting.

You can choose the meal or drink and submit an order on this digital menu. You may have to pay for the order before (PAO) or after serving (PAS) depending on the restaurant policy.

You may pay as in a conventional method of payment at the cashier (card or cash) or pay by app (subject to the restaurant policy)

PAO means Pay As Ordered and means, you have to make payment upon order and once the full payment was made, the restaurant would process the order.

PAS means Pay As Served and means you can order and may pay any time later, supposedly before leaving the restaurant.

Should you wish to make payment with Menumiz app, you need to store a credit card in the app by going to dashboard / add a credit card. Please remember this is up to the restaurant to accept pay in app. Some restaurants or bars yet may prefer payment at the cashier. This service might not be supported in some countries or some currencies.

You have always this option to pay by calling for bill as conventional method of payment.

Yes, you can add more than one credit card to Menumiz app and select one as default.

Yes, there is limit in making payment via Menumiz app based on country.

For Australia the limit currently is total maximum AUD 500.00 a day.

Please check here for the limits in other countries.

Once you are going to submit the order, you see the total amount of the bill (you may have to scroll down). If the total amount is in red color, so it means this payment is exceeding the limit and you won’t be able to pay by app for this bill. However, you may proceed to check out at the counter.

You may keep records of your limits also in setting under the credit card section.

Upon each successful order, an email will be sent to you automatically, including the bill and receipt of payment should you have paid by app. However, you may always access this record under order history in your dashboard under the app menu.

Please go to your profile and make sure you have provided the correct email address. Also, please check your junk mails or spams in your email.

You are able to pay at the cashier as in a conventional method by card or cash (subject to the restaurant policy) just by choosing “ pay at cashier “ once making the payment in app. In this case, a barcode will be displayed on your phone, which cashier needs to scan and retrieve your bill.

You can see the QR code again by going to dashboard /order history. The latest order is on top. However, the cashier at the restaurant is able to look up your bill just by asking your table number or name. This QR code is just an extra to avoid mistakes in a busy restaurant.

No, currently Menumiz does not support Dutch treat or bill splitting. However, in the near future, it will have such options.

Menumiz supports food, beverage and in some cases tobacco as long as these are served and offered in a restaurant or bar or similar dining facility to the guests and customers and also, are legally allowed as per the local law. Nevertheless, Australian law may overwrite your local law in some rare cases

Yes, this is up to the restaurant or bar to offer this option which in the case, there will be a Takeaway QR code displayed for Takeaway orders in the restaurant.

No, currently this service is on hold.

Yes, you are able to review, add comments and rate the restaurant, the menu or a particular dish. You have to be an existing customer in a restaurant in order to comment and rate it or its food, meaning you need to have at least one order by Menumiz at that particular restaurant.

You order as normal and just when making the payment, you redeem the coupon in the payment section of the app or ask the cashier to do it in case paying at the counter.

Technically very possible, but currently this option is not available due to privacy matters.

Yes, you can change your mobile number in your profile.

No password is used to log into the app. You will receive a PIN code by SMS sent to your mobile number for every log in

You can adjust the font and tab size in the menu under settings.

No, Menumiz guest accounts are not supported in a desktop.

There are tablets available in restaurants for customers who may not have an account in Menumiz or they are not Android or iPhone users. Also, the waiter can get your orders verbally from a physical menu and key-in into the system.

Yes, this is possible to have more than one device having different Menumiz accounts sharing a table and have concurrent orders. However, the first device used to scan the QR code is considered the host and the others are considered the guests unless the host chooses “ Going Dutch” if available as an option.

Yes, the host has this option to hide the bill from the guests immediately upon scanning the QR code.

Yes, Menumiz does support Dutch bills. The first user who scans the QR code should choose “ Dutch Treat “ and then others may proceed to use their devices to scan the same QR code and order. Each person will pay separate bills while sharing a table with others.

This is up to restaurant to add this option to their payment options for the customers.

Your card-issuing bank triggers this. Some banks require CVV for each single transaction, even if user has stored the card before. To avoid this problem, you may use a different card from another bank.

Menumiz is PCI certified and we do not keep any credit card data on our servers. We use the highest standard available in the market to secure all data and connections to avoid any abuse. All connections between app and our servers are encrypted.

Menumiz supports food, beverage and in some cases tobacco as long as these are served and offered in a restaurant or bar or similar dining facility to the guests and customers and also, are legally allowed as per the local law. Nevertheless, Australian law may overwrite your local law in some rare cases.

You can stop auto play videos in settings.

You can click “unsubscribe” in the footer of emails.

You can see history of previous login, including IP, location, date and time under menu/dashboard/profile/and click on the tab beside Update.

No, Menumiz is just a platform to ease customer service in a restaurant. We bear no responsibility on the quality of food or the service you receive in a restaurant. If you have complaints, you need to settle directly with the restaurant or local authorities.

Yes, you may delete your account under menu/dashboard/profile/and click on the tab beside Update. Please remember that by deleting your account, all data, including order history and previous payment receipts will be deleted permanently.

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App available for Android and iPhone.

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Who we are?

Menumiz is a fully integrated platform owned by Universal Apps Pty Ltd, an Australian start up company and was launched in Jan 2019.

The system is using advanced technology and includes different modules to handle all services needed to run a restaurant or bar such as digital menu, order management, floor management, kitchen management, customer service, inventory management and payment management all on cloud.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for their customers available in iOS and Android.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for the restaurants and their customers available in iOS and Android.

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What We Do?

Universal Apps is an expert web based platform and app developer. We have been working on exciting projects which will change the game.

Universal Apps actually builds self-customizing applications for businesses and the most recent product is Menumiz. Menumiz is an application for restaurants to have their own digital menu and manage their kitchen , tables, orders and paymanets in an integrated platform on cloud.

Other application being under early stage of development is EmployKey which is a job seeking application.

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  • Address: 54 -111 Eagle St. Brisbane, 4000 QLD Australiaa
  • Phone: +61-452 549 137
  • Email: info@universalapps.com.au
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